Child Care – An Essential Part of Growing Up

After 2 or 3 years of life almost exclusively with mum, it is time for a child to expand their consciousness, and that would begin with a day care centre. Mum usually has a mixture of emotions at this time, and while she realises the time is right for her child to explore the world, the maternal instinct is very strong, but with a career to get back on track, once she has found a good day centre, mum can focus on other things, at least for a few hours. If you are about to enter into this phase of your life, and are looking for a suitable day care centre, here is an overview of what your child can expect.

  • A Safe Environment – The primary role of a day care centre is to provide a safe and secure learning environment, and with adequate amenities and resources, the young children would be guided through a series of short, fun based activities, and with a team of engaging early years practitioners and an experienced supervisor, the children develop socially, physically, and mentally. If you are searching for child care in Nottingham, for example, there is an established nursery with excellent facilities, and the kids love to spend their days experiencing a range of fund based activities that are age suitable.
  • Interaction with Others – A vital component of social skills development, interacting with other children of a similar age allows a child to learn how to best behave in the company of others, and friendships will form, as the children become accustomed to the new environment. Group based activities encourage children to communicate, and through this they learn about opinions and polite social behaviour.
  • Engaging Activities – The long list of possible activities would include song and dance, art, and storytelling. Clay is a great material for young children to play with as it allows them to explore creatively, and the action of moulding helps with small motor development. The atmosphere would be very informal, and with learning resources in every corner of the playrooms, no child is forced to do something they are not interested in.
  • Dance and Movement – An important element in early years learning, the use of music and dance enables the children to exercise all muscle groups, and with the emphasis on fun, the kids learn about rhythm and explore their potential.
  • Parent Communication – It is important for your child that both you and the child’s carers communicate regularly, and there would usually be a small notebook, in which the day care centre staff make notes about every aspect of the child’s day. If there are any issues, it will quickly be brought to your attention, and with regular contact, you can both work towards the same goals.

The several years of day care are a very important step in the growing up process, as this experience promotes suitable development across a range of areas, and with healthy routines established, the child can then move onto their formal schooling years.