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About the academy

Avanta Academy provides highly reputable Diplomas, Advanced Diploma courses and a wide array of Certificate Courses and WSQ courses in Singapore.

We have around 10 years of experience of training both professionals in the private and governmental sector. We have also received the Outstanding Enterprise Award in 2014 and we are highly accredited by many institutes within the government such as Ministry of Manpower and the SCDF defense force.

Our wide range of courses involves courses such as WSQ BFHC (Basic Food and Hygiene certification), Maritime Engineering and Facilities Management, just to name a few. Our courses can be grouped into Food and Beverage Management, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Safety and Health in Workplaces, Engineering and Design related fields.

WSQ BFHC (Basic Food and Hygiene certification)

The aim of WSQ BFHC is to provide learners with the essential knowledge and skill sets to follow food and beverage safety and hygiene policies and procedures.

WSQ BFHC at Avant Academy is a directly accredited NEA course and is a pre-requirement course to be qualified as a Food Hygiene Officer (FHO).

Mode of instruction covers lectures, discussions, demonstrations, role play and observation for highly efficient learning outcome.

The facilities at Avanta Academy

The facilities at the academy are centrally located making them highly accessible. Our training rooms are well-furnished for conducting classes or courses or mini-seminars. These rooms are also designed in seminar-style which allows better interaction between the students and the lecturers.

There are five types of classrooms namely Jupiter which has floor area of 100 sqm and caters to 30 pax, Apollo with floor area of 60sqm that caters to 40 pax, Venus with floor area of 40sqm that caters to 26 pax, Mars with floor area of 25sqm that caters to 16 pax and lastly Saturn with floor area of 25sqm that caters to 16 pax.

There are also training room 1 with floor area of 30sqm that caters to 20 pax and training room 2 with floor area of 32sqm that caters to 20 pax.

These facilities enable effective classes and seminars to be held without compromising the quality of the lessons.

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